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Composer Path Repositories

A recent update of Composer brought us the new "path" repository type. I've been developing packages while I use them in other projects, and this is a much better solution than what I had been using: private Gitlab repositories. It was working well, except that every single change I made to a package had to be committed and pushed to Gitlab, and then I had to request a composer update in the project where I was using the package.

This is also very useful for testing local forks or clones of development branches. For example, I've been testing the 2.x version of league/route, which is under the develop branch. After cloning the repo and pulling/checking out the develop branch, I updated my project's composer.json:

    "repositories": [
            "type": "path",
            "url": "../lib/route"
    "require": {
        "league/route": "*@dev"

So far this has worked perfectly. Composer symlinks the package into my vendor directory, and if I need to make a change in the package I don't have to worry about git commits or composer updates.

Hello, World!


I've been intending to use this domain for a techie/geeky/whatever blog for a while. I bounced around from CMS to CMS before trying a few static site generators... Sculpin won me over. What's not to like about writing in Markdown and templating with Twig?

This year I've been working on improving my coding skills. I finally started using Composer. I learned how to use SASS. I even taught myself a little Python.

I'm just amazed at where I am today. I started developing websites as a preteen when I was into roleplaying and pixel art. I probably started learning PHP in around 2007. PHP has been around for 20 years and I've been using it for 8. Here's to many more.

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